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🍻Alcohol-free brews that make you feel good.🌿Magic plants and tropical flavours bring the cool vibes 🕶️

De-stress. Feel-good. Sleep-well.

Relax with fully scienced brews that help you ...Buy beer

Beer with buzz. Not booze.

0.0% alcohol. Low cal. Low sugar. Low carb. Cool vibes.BUY BEER

Great for ...

  • People seeking craft beer fun without the consequences of a hangover. Yuk.

  • Busy people looking for something to help them unwind that isn't booze or from the servo.

  • People who are kinda interested in bio-hacking, but not enough to study it properly.
Thats me!


Our blends consist of potent nootropics, adaptogens, and herbs that create a calming and enjoyable drinking experience that is completely free of alcohol.

These brews offer a wonderfully nuanced, deeply soothing vibe. We guarantee tranquillity 60% of the time everytime!

No. Our brews are dead zero - 0.00%

Check with your doctor if you're unsure of the ingredients. The beers are not recommended for pregnant women, children or robots (who can't process liquids) or mermaids (who prefer seawater-based beverages).

What the punters say

"The beer is refreshing, well balanced & the ingredients are fantastic too. Nicely done!"


"I'm just here for the memes"

Jack N

"I'm all about getting the most out of life with minimal effort. Cheers Brewtropic""

Nathan R.

"Love your work! The packaging is awesome and I really like the beer. Much earthier than a normal sour which I really dig.🏝️🍻"

Beer Influencer

"We LOVED this, guys! Super delish 🔥"

Storywood Distributors

"BrewTropic is my stress-buster secret. It offers the unwind of a craft beer minus the hangover, keeping me sharp for the next day's grind."

Geoff N.

Scientific Advisor and unpaid shill

Assoc. Professor Shelini Surendran

As a Biosciences researcher with a keen interest in all that's 'functional', I'm genuinely excited about the wave of functional drinks hitting the market. These aren't just your run-of-the-mill brews; they're packed with ingredients with tangible benefits.

What's really cool it's a win-win: you get the social vibe of sipping a beer, minus the alcohol, plus a natural mood lift.

This blend of science and flavour is a game-changer, proving that you don't have to sacrifice taste for health benefits.

We're ready to take your call.

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