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Meet the team

We exist in a world of craft beer nerdistry, herbal medicines and retro aesthetics. Also, Marickville.


Meet Thor, the Soda Baron and global hospitality expert. He loves all things bubbly and has a knack for creating delightful concoctions. Known for his many, many awards, and international drink accolades, he's on a quest to carbonate...and win more awards no doubt.


Geyan, a former pharmaceutical scientist, took an unexpected turn into the world of drinks. Previously, he led scientific research at Three Spirit Drinks, an award-winning brand based in the London and New York.

Now, Geyan's creative talents and flair for the functional, shape our beer - which are cylindrical.


Once a night owl, Tim now enjoys early mornings, his couch, and YouTube's algorithm. Thats kind of all. Nice enough. A bit of a hanger on really.


Another resident brainiac, Shelini is Associate Professor at Surrey University's school of Biosciences, and Associate Dean of Internationalisation at Surrey University's School of Medicine.

She's all about gene-nutrient interactions and their impact on metabolic and cardiovascular health. She knows more than us about most things sciencey.

Enjoy Brewtropic