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Meet the team

We exist in a world of craft beer nerdistry, herbal medicines and retro aesthetics. Also, Marickville.


Meet Thor, the Soda Baron and global hospitality expert. He loves all things bubbly and has a knack for creating delightful concoctions. Known for his many, many awards, and international drink accolades, he's on a quest to carbonate...and win more awards no doubt.


Geyan, a former pharmaceutical scientist, took an unexpected turn into the world of drinks. Previously, he led scientific research at Three Spirit Drinks, an award-winning brand. Now, Geyan's creative talents and flair for the functional, shape our beer - which are cylindrical.


Once a night owl, Tim now enjoys early mornings, his couch, and YouTube's algorithm. Thats kind of all. Nice enough. A bit of a hanger on really.


Another resident brainiac, Shelini is a Biology lecturer at Surrey University UK. She's all about gene-nutrient interactions and their impact on metabolic and cardiovascular health...and no, we don't know what that means.

Enjoy Brewtropic